InterSCALA is a timeless value in the design, manufacture and installation of interior space stairs, meda of wood, metal and glass. With innovative ideas, up-to-date designs and endless creativity, it literally drives developments in its field.

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interSCALA velko

InterSCALA velko produces heat-insulating wooden frames of German technology and wooden doors (interior and exterior) in traditional and modern designs. The strict adherence to specifications, the high technology and the regular quality control, give interSCALA velko frames, functionality, reliability, exceptional durability and high aesthetics.

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interSCALA floor

InterSCALA floor produces solid wood flooring, however it also sells mechanical flooring that can satisfy any requirement. All types of flooring in interSCALA floor have been thoroughly tested to maintain high quality standards.

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iTem unique

iTem unique was born out of our deep love for wood. Hotel equipment products, wooden furnishing, household/everyday objects, structural applications and many other products, made of 100% solid wood; in unique lines and with unparalleled elegance.

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iHouse is here to change the way we live, through a few square meters home, delivering quality lessons! Quality in its construction, equipment, each detail, and most importantly... quality in your life.

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Following the new global warming trends, powerPELLET produces high quality wooden pellets, with no use of any chemicals or other substances.

From 2012, powerPELLET enables the complete automation of pellet distribution and storage, the powerSILO and the powerVACUUM, the automatic power supply system. The distribution of pellets is done with a special pellet tank, the powerTRUCK.

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Matelen's philosophy is what describes our motto, to make us not only a simple wood factory, but “The wood plant”.

A factory that is not only recognized by its partners, but also by its competitors. This expectation can only be met through our efforts for absolute quality.

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Athens Showroom

  • 98 Kifisias Ave.,
        151 25, Marousi
  • +30 210 80 68 871
  • +30 210 80 65 052

Thessaloniki Showroom

  • 96, G. Papandreou str,
        546 55, Thessaloniki
  • +30 2310 429 278
  • +30 2310 429 561

Head Office-Warehouse

  • 45, 26th Oktovriou Str.,
        546 28, Thessaloniki
  • +30 2310 795 146
  • +30 2310 795 147


  • Ul. Industriska 30K. Blokotehna,
        1480 Negorci, Gevgelija
  • +389 34 231663